Fruit Trees

Cherry MorelloFruit Trees is dedicated to the publication of interesting information about…. fruit trees.  It is just a work in progress – written by a bunch of fruit growers/lovers whenever any of them have the time and inclination. It is certainly not comprehensive (there are over 4,000 varieties of apple alone) and although it tries to be scrupulously accurate that just means that any mistakes are genuine.

So there are the “nots”. This site IS a growing list of relatively in depth profiles of fruit tree varieties. Hopefully stuffed with useful information and fairly useless but fascinating trivia in roughly equal measure. If it is in any way of assistance to the amateur fruit grower, whether by explaining something about fruit tree pollination or by suggesting a variety of apple tree that the reader may not have met before, or simply by providing a titbit of knowledge that sparks a conversation or someone’s interest, then it has done its job.

Most of the content on this site has been written by customers and staff of Ashridge Nurseries which is one of the biggest online suppliers of fruit trees in the UK. Pretty obviously we would all like you to go to there when you buy, but most important is that wherever you shop, you make sure you get healthy, well structured plants, grown where available on virus free rootstocks. Ideally, like  the fruit trees from Ashridge Nurseries your plants should be grown in the UK using British varietal wood grafted onto British rootstocks. Then you can be quite certain you know what you are getting.